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Tony Lama Cushion Comfort, 3R And TLX Construction?

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  • By Gregg Boyer
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Tony Lama Cushion Comfort, 3R And TLX Construction?

What does Tony Lama's cushion comfort consist of? What is the construction of Tony Lama 3R and TLX? Are Tony Lama boots American Made?

Tony Lama has been making quality boots since 1911. At Boyer's BootnShoe, We sell and repair Tony Lama boots.

We understand the Tony Lama boot construction inside and out.



Let me give the easy and quick answer first then I'll go in to more detail.

Are Tony Lama American Made

Tony Lama Cushion Comfort series are an American made version of Tony Lama's classic boot but with an advanced cushion insole system added. Tony Lama TLX and Tony Lama 3R boots are made in Mexico and in China. They have a high-tech comfort system similar to technology found in running shoes. All of these have their purpose and proper use. I'll explain each in more detail. But, the short answer to your direct question is, if you want a Tony Lama that is American made you have two choices. The classic boot with 3/4 welt that features full leather insoles. Or, the Tony Lama Cushion Comfort series with full welt and cushion insole system.



Tony Lama Cushion Comfort System

The Tony Lama Cushion Comfort boot has a layered comfort system. The top layer next to your foot is a leather insole. This gives durability, breathability, and moisture absorption. Next is the New Poron ProZorb cushion urethane for extra breathability, Long term comfort and Moisture management. All on top of a triple density board, spring steel shank spring, and the final outsole of leather or rubber. These boots do not feature an orthotic arch. The classic goodyear welt construction provides excellent arch support making an orthtoic arch unnecessary. At Boyer's BootnShoe, we find the Tony Lama American made classic style boots are the most durable and repairable. We have repaired many Tony Lama boots with new soles over and over again. They are old friends you can keep a long time.

TLX and 3R Construction 

Tony Lama TLX and 3R are very comfortable and durable boots, but are not American made. Their comfort system is much more cushioning than the classic boots. The trade off is the repair-ability of the boots. They are not designed to have the soles replaced. However our repair department has found ways to repair them. New heels and new soles have been successfully replaced with non-original materials. You can find more information about the technology on the Tony Lama site.


Slim, The Boot Guy 


  1. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Charles,
    Most Tony Lama boots come with removable insoles nowadays you should be able to pull them out and replace them with any insole you like. At this time I don't believe they sell the originals separately.

  2. Charles Crannell Charles Crannell

    I have a couple of pair of Tony lama boots the inside inserts have worn out Ineed to replace them can I buy them?

  3. Cheyney Ellis Cheyney Ellis

    I've always wanted apair of Tony Lamas but just can't afford them. I like the way their built. To bad im poor.

  4. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Most of the Tony Lama boots with TLX technology are in the Western Work Category. Boots like have this technology. The 3R technology is available in both western and western work styles. They have quite a few boots with these systems, it's usually labeled on the outside of the boot or listed in the features. If you have a question about a specific boot you're welcome to ask I'd be happy to provide some insight.

  5. FromTheGuestRoom FromTheGuestRoom

    The article is very detailed. I really love the Tony Lama Cushion Comfort System. The classic goodyear welt construction really makes up for an orthotic arch. Wonderful!

  6. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Ronald, people tend to pull their boots off by the back heel. The extra piece there is to strengthen and reinforce that area.

  7. Ronald Ronald

    On the tony lama work boots, that black plastic that is sewn on the heel part. Is this to give support as leather wears down or for looks?

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