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If I Use Black Shoe Polish On My Brown Boots Would It Make Them Black?

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If I Use Black Shoe Polish On My Brown Boots Would It Make Them Black?

How to change the color of your boots or shoe and can you use polish to change the color? Find the answers here

If you use black shoe polish on brown work boots, the result would be some color in between brown and black. What color you end up with depends on how soft the finish of the leather is on the brown boots that you want to change the color on. The final color you end up with would probably not be an even color. It may be blotchy or streaked. This is because though the polish has some stain in it, mostly it will just sit on top of the leather and not soak in much. 

However, every time you polish with the black polish the boot will get blacker.
If you want to change the color to black I would suggest using Fiebing’s leather dye instead. It is a penetrating dye that changes the color similar to how wood stain is used to color wood. Your boots would be permanently black and more even in color.

Fiebing's Leather dye comes in many colors. You can buy it Here on our website.

Leather Dye
Fiebing’s leather dye is pretty simple to use. Here are the steps:

  1. Clean and prepare the surface. (we recommend M&B Leather Preparer)
  2. Use a wool dauber to brush the leather dye into the leather. Use circular motions to make color uniform.
  3. When dry, use a cloth to buff off any excess surface dye.
  4. Finish with a coat of wax polish such as Angelus Wax Polish in the finished color

Angelus Polish


Slim, The Boot Guy Slim, The Boot Guy 


  1. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Victoria,
    Fiebings would dye it but the problem is it would need to be sealed well or it may bleed off and possibly stain whatever it bleeds on.
    Angelus leather paint may be a better option for that material, it works well on canvas so I imagine it would work decently on the Jute fabric

  2. Victoria Victoria

    I have some black 3" wedge sandals with natural jute fiber as the base wedge. Would this product work to dye the jute black?

  3. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello AJ,
    It will most likely turn the shoe a dingy black, the application won't be very even. If you'd like to change your suede shoe black, Fiebings makes a suede dye.

  4. Aj Aj

    Can you spray polish blue suede with black suede spray, what effect does it have on the shoe

  5. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Alice, it is very do-able if you follow the instructions up above. These instructions are for leather shoes, so just make sure they are leather. If you are feeling unsure you can of course, always take them to a cobbler.

  6. Alice Alice

    I want to purchase brown shoe and Make it black. Can I do it or should a have a shoe man do it? Does it work?
    Is it worth it?

  7. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Mick,
    It can work to some extent. We have dyed vinyl boots with black leather dye then finished it off with angelus acrylic leather paint to even the color out and get more permanence.

  8. Mick Mick


    Will leather dye work on "man-made leather" boots? I realize this is probably difficult to answer without knowing exactly what type of fake leather we're talking about, but thought I'd throw the question out there. Regrettably, the label on the boots doesn't specify the material beyond "man-made materials".

    Thanks for any response.

  9. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hi Karen, yes it is possible to dye white boots brown or black. Simply follow the steps using Fiebing's dye for the desired color.

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