Can My Boot Tops Be Stretched Or Can A Panel Be Added?

Can My Boot Tops Be Stretched Or Can A Panel Be Added?

Stretching a boot top or add extra leather to make boots bigger.

Noleen Asks: I have a pair of new boots and I need to stretch them, The heel part is very narrow and stiff so I can't really get my foot into it even though it feels fine at the toes. I could also use some more leg room.

I don't think they are real leather, there are no zips etc.
Whats the best way to go about stretching them? Would it be a good idea to add in another panel at the back or side of the boots rather than stretching them?



It is Possible To Stretch or Add a Panel to Make Your Boot Tops Larger 

Answer: Hi Noleen, Thanks for your question. I think your boots can be stretched enough to make them comfortable and easier to pull on. I would say, If you can get the boots pulled on and the tops are just tight, then the tops can be stretched enough too. A panel would probably not be necessary.

However the stretching you require will best be done with a professional stretcher and is probably not something you can do yourself.

Here at Boyers BootnShoe, we stretch boot tops 10-20 times a day for our customers. You can bring them into our store or ship them to us, and we can stretch them for you. Or you can find a shoe repair professional in your area, but ask if they have boot shaft stretching equipment.
We charge $12-$25 (as of 12-2019) to stretch the tops. A panel of leather or elastic could be added if needed. But from what you describe, I think stretching will work for you.




Find more info about boot and shoe stretching here. If you have more questions you can contact us at [email protected], on our facebook page or leave a comment below 

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  1. Shawn Shawn

    OMG, music to my ears!!!! I live in the Baltimore area and have gone to several shoe repair shops asking if I can get the shaft of some of my boots stretched. I have a few pairs of boots I ordered online that were supposed to be wide shaft but to my disappointment, they did not fit. I have wide calves and most of the boots sold for people with wide calves are not very stylish. When I read that boots can be shipped to you to be altered, I felt so happy. With COVID, are you guys still open for business?

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