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Can My Boot Tops Be Stretched Or Can A Panel Be Added?

Can My Boot Tops Be Stretched Or Can A Panel Be Added?

Stretching a boot top or add extra leather to make boots bigger.

Noleen Asks: I have a pair of new boots and I need to stretch them, The heel part is very narrow and stiff so I can't really get my foot into it even though it feels fine at the toes. I could also use some more leg room.

I don't think they are real leather, there are no zips etc.
Whats the best way to go about stretching them? Would it be a good idea to add in another panel at the back or side of the boots rather than stretching them?



It is Possible To Stretch or Add a Panel to Make Your Boot Tops Larger 

Answer: Hi Noleen, Thanks for your question. I think your boots can be stretched enough to make them comfortable and easier to pull on. I would say, If you can get the boots pulled on and the tops are just tight, then the tops can be stretched enough too. A panel would probably not be necessary.

However the stretching you require will best be done with a professional stretcher and is probably not something you can do yourself.

Here at Boyers BootnShoe, we stretch boot tops 10-20 times a day for our customers. You can bring them into our store or ship them to us, and we can stretch them for you. Or you can find a shoe repair professional in your area, but ask if they have boot shaft stretching equipment.
We charge $12-$25 (as of 12-2019) to stretch the tops. A panel of leather or elastic could be added if needed. But from what you describe, I think stretching will work for you.




Find more info about boot and shoe stretching here. If you have more questions you can contact us at [email protected], on our facebook page or leave a comment below 

The Boot Guy Slim, The Boot Guy 


  1. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Ramon,
    Yes it is possible for us to put zippers in most boots and stretch them, though some material/boots stretch better than others

  2. Ramon De la Cruz Ramon De la Cruz

    I have a pair boots the right one fits perfect but my left one is always tight ever I broke my foot. I’ve had them stretched before but they are so hard to put on. I seen your video on TikTok and I’m very interested in the zippier that you put on the boots. Is it possible to stretch them both and have the zipper installed??

  3. Michelle West Michelle West

    I bought a pair of Corrals and the shaft is too narrow. I need at least 2 inches stretched and also need the part where my foot is stretched a little bit for comfort- I have wider feet. I saw that I can ship them to y'all to stretch them but is that amount of stretching doable? I live in Texas and wouldn't want to ship them if it wasn't able to be done, I just don't have anyone here that I would trust to be able to do it.

    Thank you

  4. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Rae,
    Pre-breaking in the boot a bit before you wear can help. You can dampen the boots with water or a soft conditioner and flex them in your hands to encourage the leather to bend at a more comfortable bend point.
    There isn't too much you can do about totally uncreasing after the boots are already creased. However softening the boot with a penetrating conditioner such as leather milk ( ) can help soften the appearance somewhat. And inserting boot or shoe trees when not being worn.

  5. Rae Rae

    Hi-I have a high instep on a size 7 womens foot-all my boots, no matter what material, develop a noticeable crease (or two) from walking, right below the instep area. Is there something I can do or add pre-wear to avoid this happening or after wearing, a way to smooth or 'iron out' the crease(s)? Thanks!

  6. The Boot Guy The Boot Guy

    Hello Cynthia,
    You can follow this link for a printable repair form fill out the form and place it with the boots you would like stretched. Then ship them to our address (at the top of the form). Once we finish we call for payment which is the cost of the stretching + return shipping to you. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us.

  7. Cynthia deBettencourt Cynthia deBettencourt

    Hello, I have a pair beautiful boots, sitting in the box for the last 5 years, that need to be stretched. The shaft, is way too small. I think my legs would have fit into them when I was 12, hahaha! How do I get them to you to be stretched?
    Thank you, Cindy

  8. Shawn Shawn

    OMG, music to my ears!!!! I live in the Baltimore area and have gone to several shoe repair shops asking if I can get the shaft of some of my boots stretched. I have a few pairs of boots I ordered online that were supposed to be wide shaft but to my disappointment, they did not fit. I have wide calves and most of the boots sold for people with wide calves are not very stylish. When I read that boots can be shipped to you to be altered, I felt so happy. With COVID, are you guys still open for business?

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