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Can A Heel Be Raised or Lowered?

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Can A Heel Be Raised or Lowered?

Yes, Any Heel Can Be Raised Or Lowered.

We do it every day in our shoe repair. But there is a limit to how much can be added or lowered.

Every shoe has a balance built in to how the shoe was lasted or in other words, designed. We find that most shoes, from women's high heeled pumps to cowboy boots to can be raised or lowered up to 1/2 inch with no problem. Some can be raised or lowered as much as 3/4 inch or even 1 inch. Balance of the shoe determines how high or low. There is good way to see how much can be adjusted.

Hold the shoe or boot on an edge of a table so that the sole is on the table the heel is off of the table. Next raise the heel above or below the table as much as you want to adjust the height. This gives you the ability to see how the balance is affected. Does the toe raise or lower too much? It takes a trained eye to tell for sure, but this technique will give you an idea of how much a heel can be adjusted.


What If You Have A Short Limb And Need To Adjust The Height?

This is totally different than the answer above. In the case of a short limb a shoe can be raised as much as your shorter leg requires. We've raised anywhere from 1/8" to 6" or more. Balance is still an issue and the sole thickness will need to be adjusted in proportion to heel height.

Slim, The Boot Guy 



  1. Sean Sean

    Rosalie Davis In answer to: "Knee surgery caused one leg to be shorter than the other by 15 millimeters. Could you build up heel to adjust to opposite leg." Two things. Firstly, are you certain that you have an ACTUAL 15mm discrepancy rather than an APPARENT discrepancy? You don't want to have build ups if actually your body just needs aligning. Secondly, if you genuinely now have a leg length difference, you DO NOT want to build up only the heel (as most if not all podiatrists will do). You need a uniform build up right along the whole foot, or you will find problems arising later down the line.

  2. John John

    Ariat Stockman boots have flat heels. I would like to round off the back them to make them easier to walk in. Can I file off some of the material?

  3. Rosalie Davis Rosalie Davis

    Knee surgery caused one leg to be shorter than the other by 15 millimeters. Could you build up heel to adjust to opposite leg.

  4. Frank Pechello Frank Pechello

    I have a new pair of Georgia Logger Elevated heel boots. What is cost to have a low heel replacement?

  5. Michelle  Bartell Michelle Bartell

    Hello I have another foot surgery and I will only be able to wear a low heel. Are you able to lower the heels for me ?

  6. ozzy ozzy

    I've raised the heels on my brown soft goatskin pointy toed cowboy boots to 6 1/2 " and they're great. You need to drill a hole through the heels, and through a shaped wooden block. Then glue the block onto the heels and bolt the block to the heels with a long bolt, some washers, and a nut. I go to parties wearing these boots and very short cutoff jeans.

  7. Dale Brown Dale Brown

    I want to raise the heel on my new cowboy boots, but when I look at heel pads online there are several different types, sizes etc. Will you please tell me what the pad descriptions mean so that I can order correctly the firs go round.

    Thank you

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